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December 12, 2023

People Over Politics. Advocating For District 39!

Ronda Peterson is a Republican pro-life Christian, wife, mother, grandmother, and 21-year resident of House District 39. Rooted in faith, Ronda is a woman of action who has been an outspoken warrior for our unalienable rights and God-given freedoms. As an employee of Edmond Public Schools, Ronda has made a name for herself as someone who will speak up to help protect children, empower parents, and equip teachers. Ronda’s extraordinary life experiences have uniquely qualified her to be a fearless advocate for the people of House District 39.

Ronda has been married to her husband for 36 years and together they have raised 4 children with their youngest now a Junior in High School. 

Who we are

A Representative who puts people over politics

Ronda Peterson is dedicated to prioritizing the needs and concerns of the people in House District 39, Edmond Oklahoma. She firmly believes that the voice of the people matters and will always strive to be their unwavering advocate.

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Vote Ronda

December 12, 2023

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A leader with a servant's heart

Ronda Peterson has spent numerous years volunteering and serving others, demonstrating her commitment to making a positive impact in her community. As a Representative, she will continue to lead with integrity, compassion, and a genuine desire to improve the lives of those she serves.

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Your voice, her focus: Ronda Peterson understands that the people are at the heart of every decision made at the Capitol. With a deep understanding of the district’s diverse needs, She will work tirelessly to ensure the concerns of her constituents are represented and heard at our Oklahoma State Capitol.

Why Vote For

Ronda Peterson

A strong advocate for the district: Ronda Peterson is not only a leader but also a strong advocate for the district. She will fight for the issues that matter most to the people of House District 39, working collaboratively with fellow legislators to bring about positive change and drive progress for the community.

Experienced & Professional

Strong Vision

Honesty & Transparency

We will make district 39 a better place to live

Life Experience And Dedication: With a wealth of experience and a proven track record of service, Ronda Peterson is the ideal candidate to represent House District 39. Her commitment to the district, combined with her leadership skills, make her the clear choice for those seeking a representative who will deliver results and serve as a true voice for the people.


Medical Freedom means NO mandatory masks, vaccinations, social distancing, or shutdowns. I am a proven leader with a servant's heart who will be a strong advocate for the people.
Medical Freedom
TAX Reform is necessary and should start with the elimination of a tax that impacts every single Oklahoman, the grocery sales tax. With out-of-control inflation and supply chain disruptions causing the cost of food and basic needs to skyrocket, Oklahomans need to experience meaningful relief in the quickest way possible.
Tax Reform
Border security and election integrity must be a priority for every elected official. We must demand that our federal government stop aiding in the invasion of our Country and we must secure our election process.
Border Security & Election Fraud
Individual Liberty begins with the First Amendment and our fundamental right to communicate what we believe, in the manner we choose, whether it is popular or not. It also includes the ability to practice the religion of our choosing while being free from intimidation, discrimination, and coercion. Now, more than ever, we must protect our God-given liberties and freedoms.
Individual Liberty
Excellence in Education must focus on the basics of learning to read, write, mathematics, and true history without inserting CRT, DEI, social justice, and other similar ideologies. We must have age-appropriate books for reading and fact based- biological science without sexualized content. In order for students and teachers to be successful, parents must be involved and informed while funding and resources reach into the classroom.
Excellence in Education
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Ronda's Recent Community Involvement, Awards, & Leadership

In 2018, Ronda was nominated for the Anne Roberts People’s Choice Award from the Institute for Child Advocacy. Her nomination was because of the tremendous work she had done to help children with disabilities and their families.

2021, Ronda received the parent power award for school choice advocate of the year

2021, Ronda received a certificate of appreciation for outstanding volunteer service to the Oklahoma GOP.

2022, Ronda received the heart of a servant award from the OKGOP Action Team.

In 2019, Ronda received a freedom fighters evangelist award.

2020-Present, Ronda is the Oklahoma County Precinct chair for her precinct and is a GOP delegate to the County and State Conventions.

Ronda's Recent Life Of Service To Others:

Volunteered For iCan Bike

This is a program that helps children with disabilities learn how to ride a bike,

Volunteered for Hotdogs for the homeless.

Helping to feed the homeless

Volunteer time to advocate for children with disabilities

Volunteer time to promote and help the Republican Party

Volunteer advocate for school choice

Volunteered at Ministries of Jesus

Volunteered at The Hugs Project

Helping to assemble care packages for our veteran service men and women who are away from home and their families.

over the past 5 years I've Volunteered thousands of hours, working on numerous campaigns for Republican candidates.